Dare to be Different is an exclusive event for girls aged between 8 years to 12 years, who will undergo a Karting Slalom Competition. A Karting Slalom Competition is a two-day event per city, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday (Refer schedule for race in your city), starting from 9 am to 6 pm and conducted at a course laid out in a karting track. The participants need to pay Rs 1200/- to register. The Karts that will be provided for the event are Mini recreation race Kart Chassis’s fitted with GK 100: 4 Stroke Honda engines.

The racers will be given 2 laps to practice and get familiar with the karts before competing for 2 laps on the set course on their own (Note: There will be no racing against another participant). The 2 laps will be timed and the girl with the fastest time will be declared as the winner.


All the participaents will be given certificate of participation and the Top 3 winner of each city will be given medals / trophies.

The top 3 winners of the Dare to be Different Karting Slalom’s in each of the 3 Cities, will be invited to take part in the Finals of the Dare to be Different Karting Slalom.

The winner will be given a Free Training program in the Meco Karting Academy with the high speed professional mini karts.

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