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MECO Academy is where aspirants are trained to learn the ropes of karting and racing to fulfil their dream of becoming professional racers one day. Meco Academy prides itself on having trained virtually every Indian racer that has gone on to participate in international circuits over the last 15 years. We train aspirants to give all they got and leave their tyre marks on the track, winning then follows. At Meco Racing we make champions! 

The Meco Academy offers custom-made training modules for drivers in go-karts, saloon cars, sports cars and formula car racing. Our Mission is to create the ideal environment to develop talented drivers into champions through tailored high performance training. Our programmes are fully personalized in order to answer to each driver’s needs and expectations.

Custom-made Training Modules for Drivers

In go-karts, saloon cars, sports cars and formula car racing.

3 Decades of Motorsports Experience

Making us competent enough to effectively provide end-to-end training from day 1 to F1

Designed for Drivers at Various Levels

Entry, Intermediate & Advanced levels, at key locations across the country.

“Just being a mediocre driver has never been my ambition. That’s not my style”

Michael Schumacher

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Karting Academy

Karting is the stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports, so it is the first level of training a talented driver goes through. The urge for racing can come at any age. So, whether you are a child or a grown up and want to pursue racing as a career, then you got to have your basics right. The formation of your career stands on it. At Meco Karting Academy, that is what we provide. A solid, base training that will shape your racing talent.

Meco Rotax Karting Training Program

  • 2 Day Training Program
  • World famous Rotax 2 Stroke Kart engines
  • Theory and Practical Classes conducted by Accredited Instructors
  • Understanding of the Correct Lines and Braking points.
  • Safety Flags & Basic Rules and Regulations
  • 2 Day Program which includes Track Charges, Kart with Engine, Used set of Tyres, Fuel and Oils, Engineer and Instructors, Mechanics, Lunch.

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Racing Academy

Karting gives you the confidence to put yourself on the tracks and drive through but it doesnt automatically prepare you for the complexities involved in racing; it is a different game all together. At Meco Racing, good drivers are trained to become great. We know all about how to make champions. We’ve trained made them before; we’ll continue to do so. The prodigies shooting out of our stables have gone on to achieve unimaginable feats, at national & international levels. 

Meco Formula Car Racing Academy

  • 2-day Formula Car / Polo Car Training program at the Kari Motor Speedway Track.
  • Basic Level 1 Training Program
  • Cars: Formula Race Car & Polo Car
  • The fee will cover Track Usage charges, Car Hiring Charges, Mechanics service, Tyres/Fuel/Oil/Spares, Instructor Fees & lunch

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If you aspire to race, come let us fuel your passion.

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