About us:

People who love speed know that it is not just an experience, it is life itself. And this is the place where we live that life!

Speed… it inspires us, motivates us and it drives us to achieve the ‘Unthinkable’ and ‘Impossible’; those two words are our starting grid, we drive away from them towards success.


Meco MotorSports is India’s No. 1 motorsports management enterprise started by Indian racing legend, Akbar Ebrahim, regarded as the best racer of his era. He was the first Indian to race at international circuits. His illustrious career of over 4 decades has seen him dominate not only the Indian tracks but take the international tracks in his stride. During his long association with motorsports as a racer himself, he had the chance to see the sport from the inside. He had a good idea of where India stood in terms of talent, infrastructure, training and opportunities; the pros and cons. He knew the obstacles a racing aspirant would have to face and wanted to clear those obstacles one at a time to clear the path for the future generation.

This passion of Akbar’s, coupled with his incredible knowledge of motorsports and business acumen, gave rise to Meco MotorSports (MMS), built on a dream to change the landscape of motorsports in India. MMS today, is the biggest names in Indian motor sports. They not only own and manage premier racing tracks across India but also organize India’s top racing events and championships.

MMS slowly started to diversify in order to cover as many aspects of motorsports as it possibly could. So, as a flagship company MMS has different operational arms that takes care of different aspects of the sport.

What MMS has made sure is that the future of motorsports in India holds consolidation, expansion and more international exposure. Above all, it holds a relentless drive towards the adrenalin rush of the waving flags, the adrenalin burn and the podium finish!


Meco Academy is where aspirants are trained to learn the ropes of karting and racing to fulfil their dream of becoming professional racers one day. Meco Academy prides itself on having trained virtually every Indian racer that has gone on to participate in international circuits over the last 15 years. We train aspirants to give all they got and leave their tyre marks on the track, winning then follows.  At Meco Racing we make champions!


MSport is the racing team management arm of MMS. It is trusted by drivers, supported by patrons, and respected by the Indian motorsports fraternity as the country’s No.1 racing team, not just for its passion, performance and achievement, but also for the iconic name associated with it.


Meco Events manages the organizing aspect of motorsports. It is the proud organizer of some of India’s premier motorsport events in Karting and Racing. Held under the aegis of the FMSCI and supported by leading brands in the motorsports space, MMS Events are the highlights of India’s domestic racing calendar. Meco Events organizing capability has been so impressive over the years that sponsors keep coming back to them year after year.


Having been a racer himself Akbar knew the difficulty he underwent to find suitable gear and gadgets that could help him in his international campaigns, during his racing career. There was no store in India that could help professional racers find the perfect gear. The lack of proper equipments hampers a racer’s performance. Akbar bridged this gap with Meco Products; it is a virtual store that facilitates individuals to find equipments of their choice. Meco Products brings to India the best-in-the-world brands to cater to the elite racing professional. Not only making them happy and satisfied but helping them improve their performances by leaps and bounds.


MMS has set up some of the most impressive Go-Kart/Racing Tracks across the country. Technically advanced, brilliantly designed and efficiently managed, Meco Tracks are setting the benchmark for racing venues in India.

If speed is life then who has led a life better than Akbar and his son Armaan, two of the most accomplished racers India has ever produced. It is a privilege just to get to meet them but when they become your mentors and trainers then life is always on top gear!